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 High Power Double Conversion Online UPS 1KVA - 20KVA


  • N+X (4X) Parallel Redundant and Capacity Expansion for 6k to 10K
  • High Output Power Factor ~ 0.8 for 1K to 3K, 0.9 for 6K to 10K
  • True On-Line Double Conversion Sinewave UPS
  • High Input power Factor > 0.99
  • High Performance with efficiency > 94%
  • LCD Display and Audible Alarm
  • Transformerless Design Reduce Foorpints
  • Full Connectivity Option RS232, USB, EPO and Dry Contact, SmartSlot
  • Built-in Maintenance for 6K to 10K and Automatic Bypass
  • Extended Backup Time Capbility (KS models)



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